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收到 VPB 发来的 offer,说实话对这个商家,苏苏也是完全不熟悉,但是支持 paypal 付款,而且支持月付,所以想来还是比较安全的。


下面是 offer 全文

This is Rosalie, from VPB INC. A professional solution provider with decade years experience in server hosting industry. We own data center in Los Angeles and HongKong. We provide 7*25h service.

Alipay/Bitcoin/Paypal/Credit Card are all available. You will receive your server after confirming your payment.

Hong Kong CN2 directly connects to the mainland// Ping value as low as 5ms, 1000 zero packet loss// The online rate is 99.9%// BGP International + Double Direction CN2 GIA HK// Test IP:

2 vCPU 2GB 50G SSD+30G HDD Unlimited/2M 1 $45.99

1 vCPU 1GB 50G SSD Unlimited/1M 1 $19.99

2 vCPU 4GB 50G SSD+30G HDD Unlimited/2M 1 $56.99

4 vCPU 8GB 50G SSD+50G HDD Unlimited/2M 1 $99.99

2xL5630 16GB 1TB SATA/240GB SSD Unlimited/10M/Double Direction CN2 3 $299.00

Are you interested in it?

Some informations about payment for your reference:

Billing Cycle Discount: Quarterly(-2%) Semi-Annually(-5%) Annually(-10%) Bi-Annually(-12.5%) Triennial(-15%)

Alipay: Nothing needs to verify.

Bitcoin: Need to know you Bitcoin Hash after you paid.

Paypal: Need to verify your paypal email.

Credit Card: Need to verify your tranfer message from the bank, your credit card pictures and the website screen shot of successfully transferring your money to our bank.


如果您也想发布您的优惠信息,请直接email到:admin@138vps.com ,苏苏会选择性发布。


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